Jill and Mike were a pleasure to work with. They are highly responsive and work diligently to meet your home search needs. We really appreciated their communicative and strategized approach. We ended up with our dream home and have them to thank!

Paige & Bobby S | SEPTEMBER 26, 2019

Jill and Michael are the best real estate agents we have ever worked with. They took care of everything for us, from inspections, repairing, cleaning, moving, staging to listing and closing, all done perfectly and went smoothly. We enjoyed working with them a lot!

Yifeng G | SEPTEMBER 25, 2019

Jill and Michael helped me buy and sell a home. They have extensive knowledge and experience of the area and that was crucial. We couldn't have done this without them!!

Kate E | AUGUST 4, 2019

Jill and Mike made the sale of our home of 42 years as easy as possible, holding our hands all the way. They were attentive and very professional while making us feel comfortable with the whole process. Thanks guys!

Sandy S | JULY 1, 2019

These guys know what they're doing. I had dealt with another realtor before I made the change to Cole and Riese hence I could appreciate the differences between realtors. The experience was night and day. I wasn't sure I wanted to move out anymore after they completed their staging. Drone
  shots, great photos, using Internet advertise to drive traffic. Super fast responses whenever I had inquiries. They even helped post sale with a bunch of items to prepare the house for final buyer transfer. I'd easily recommend them to others.

Ben F | MAY 6, 2019

As a San Francisco broker I contacted Michael Riese, a local South Bay broker to help my Washington State cousin sell her inherited Campbell home. Having not seen the property for many years I was hopeful it was not beneath the standards of property normally handled by Michael.  He did a splendid job in both staging, pricing and marketing the home and taking my cousin by the hand and bravely guiding her through the trials and tribulations of California real estate. He merits consideration of anyone, principal or referring broker, wanting personal and professional South Bay real estate expertise.

Jerry S | JULY 6, 2017

We have both bought and sold with Jill Cole.  To say that she is “the best” is, in all honesty, an understatement.  Both moves were complicated circumstances, one to an out of state location, and both with lots of little children involved.  Jill was patient, focused on our needs and always available.  When we purchased our mountain home, it was during a difficult buyer’s market and she looked at probably 50 homes with us.  I would despair and want to make bids on homes that were not quite “right” for us, she would gently, but clearly, explain why we shouldn’t purchase the home, clearly laying out the pros and cons of each property, doing extensive research on the area and the commute for my husband.

Jill is not simply trying to sell a home, she is looking out for the best interests of her customers.  She truly cares about each family’s unique circumstances and wants the best for them.  She is always professional, even in trying circumstances where the other agent might be difficult.  She wants you to find your “home”, not just a ”house.” 

It is with a grateful heart that we wholeheartedly recommend Jill Cole.  You could not be in more capable and professional hands.

Bridget F & Aaron L - JULY 2017

Michael worked with us for two years and helped us navigate bidding on a total of three homes in a competitive neighborhood. We ended up in our dream home without over bidding! Michael was patient with us, aggressively pursued the selling agent to get as much information as we could, while cautioning us about over bidding or getting desperate. Thanks so much Michael!!!

Jay W | JUNE 26, 2017

It is our immense pleasure to recommend Jill Cole as a real estate agent for any individual or family searching for the ideal home for their unique situation or selling their current home. Jill had an initial meeting with us and took diligent notes regarding our specific needs as well as our budgetary limitations. She is highly talented technologically and made excellent use of the relevant search engines and real estate databases to sell our home as quickly as possible. She did not waste our time with buyers that were out of their price range or not in line with our needs.

A master with the contract negotiations, Jill came up with a deal that was great for us and made both parties happy as well. We found Jill to be a highly attentive agent, almost as if we were her only customers, although we know that was not the case. She returned all phone calls and emails the same day. We never felt neglected or unimportant. She is also highly personable with an engaging personality. Jill was honest about some minor changes that we needed to make to attract buyers quickly, and her advice worked like a charm.

We are pleased to recommend Jill Cole to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. She is hands down the best in the business in our area."

Greg & Tanya V, 2016

Buying and selling a home can be a stressful experience, but Michael made it relatively easy. He is professional, courteous, and responsive. We first met Michael when we were looking at homes a few years ago. At the time we were trying to find a home we both liked and which fit our budget - we  were “kicking the tires”. Michael provided professional and insightful advice on the neighborhoods we liked, and the homes in those neighborhoods. He was very patient while we narrowed our search. When we found the house we liked he helped us through the process of buying. We also sold our existing home through Michael. He provided a great market analysis. We were able to sell our home in about a week, for the terms we wanted, above our asking price and exceeding our expectations. Timing is everything and Michael’s knowledge of the market and current market trends, was a financial benefit both buying and selling.

Jeremy W. | AUGUST 15, 2015

Kelsey worked with our daughter & son-in-law as they navigated the CA housing market after having relocated across country from OH less than a year ago.  Since we were partners in the purchase all info had to be processed through us, although we live in Ohio.  This made things quite a bit more hectic for Kelsey since she had to deal with our daughter & her husband, as well as "the out-of-state parents".  Dealing with the 3-hour time difference was never a problem for Kelsey and when she made an appointment to call us at a certain time, she was always extremely prompt.  She took care of absolutely everything for our daughter and definitely negotiated them through all the in's & out's of multiple offers, CA home purchasing, many inspections, and numerous details as the process progressed into a final sale.  When the sale was complete I counted over 100 emails back and forth and each time Kelsey had taken the time and energy to communicate every aspect of the process with professionalism.  Her expertise was greatly appreciated by our entire family!

Joy H. | NOVEMBER 14, 2015

Michael did an excellent job helping my family find a home.  Throughout our long house search, he was patient, honest, and was always looking out for our best interests.  We finally found a home that we love and couldn't be happier.  We would most certainly work with him again and recommend him to anyone looking for their next home!

Nanthan M. | MAY 8, 2014

The professional realtor with a process & plan...that works.

Could not recommend Michael highly enough if you are looking for a professional real estate agent (not may I would consider professional) who has a process and plan that works. Our neighbors tried for over a year unscuccessfully to sell there property. After a sign went up with Michael, it sold before it hit the market. Obviously our neighbors refered Michael to us.   We tried other agents that lacked ability to "sell a property" simply listing our property for a price which they constantly tried to bring down. Michael had another approach, attention to detail, and a individual plan on how to market our property. Within a short amount of time we had multiple offers, while prior agents could not generate a single offer after 6 months.

Simply put, a Realtor with a plan that get results.

Greg M. | FEBRUARY 5, 2014 

Kelsey assisted my daughter buy a home in San Jose and provided outstanding service.  She did a terrific job helping us to negotiate a deal during the early 2013 timeframe, when it was a seller's market and buyers were trying to outbid each other for scarce inventory.  Although we tended to be picky and were looking for a starter home for my daughter in a price range that was very competitive, she was extremely patient and willing to meet our requirements.  During the offer process, she often went the extra mile and would initiate communication with the seller's realtor to strengthen our bid.  She worked tirelessly and would often answer our emails on weekends and late at night.  Kelsey is a charming and hardworking realtor, a go getter that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for an outstanding experience in buying a home.

Stephen C. | JANUARY 1, 2014

Michael has this amazing ability to cut through the details and zoom in to the core issues. During the walkthrough he noticed something that turned out to be a symptom of a serious structural issue. One year later, while remodeling, I realized how important this was!

As my husband kept pointing out, Michael is a guy who will give you RESULTS, not smooth talk.

Elizabeth K. | AUGUST 7, 2013

In this current crazy Bay Area real estate market, there are many real estate brokers who don't bother with client service and care because often they don't have to. Michael Riese is not that type of broker. Simply put, working with Michael was an outstanding experience. We searched to purchase a home for over three years (poor guy!), and within that time, our search parameters changed more than once, yet his commitment to us never wavered. We admired his creativity and readiness to try unconventional offer ideas, and appreciated that he would always establish an early dialogue with the selling agent in an effort to glean any information to help our offer stand out. He was professional and personable, extremely knowledgeable about current market conditions and pricing, always available to answer any questions that arose, and an all-around good guy.

Chris G. | AUGUST 12, 2015 

I have used Mike several times as a realtor. He has done both commercial and residential sales for me. I was incredibly pleased with his services. He was very good about keeping me informed of any progress made on the deal and was professional throughout. I would not hesitate to use him again  or recommend him to a friend.

I have worked with other agents in other markets, and he makes them look bad, because they don't have their act together nearly as much as Mike.


My husband decided to work with Michael because he was impressed by his knowledge of the market, he had figures and trends on his fingertips!

We used the internet extensively in our house search. But working with Michael made us realize how much value a top caliber realtor can add.  Properties can look terrific online, but there are things you just cannot assess through the internet. For example : a) Knowledge of a neighborhood, the social fabric, the future potential. b) Off market opportunities. c) Knowledge of seller motivation. d) Knowledge of properties which are good deals.

What made Michael a cut above the rest? a) Ability to assess a property. Smooth talking realtors tend to gloss over defects, just to get a deal. But Michael helped us to realize that some properties require too much fixing. In one case we decided not to make an offer, in another we didn't get into a bidding war. He was also able to point out the upside and future potential of houses that DIDN’T look good. b) Thinks outside the box, comes up with creative solutions to work around difficult problems. c) Adapts to buyers' needs, did not try to push us to his way of thinking. d) Superb negotiating skills. e) Quick and responsive - moves with lightning speed. f) Excellent network and support team. g) Goes the extra mile.

We finally bought a house which has more than we were looking for - and my husband says his instincts were right!


Michael is the most responsive realtor I have ever worked with, and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a house.

I met Michael at an open house for one of his listings. Although that one was not the property for me, Michael's professionalism and attention to what  I was looking for in particular, led me to give him my number. 

The item that impresses me the most about Michael is his outstanding responsiveness. I routinely sent him all sorts of crazy questions or requests and without fail; Michael would get back to me almost immediately. 

I ultimately purchased a very usual property with his help and it closed while I was out of town. Michael handled everything for me, and even after the sale has continued to be there for follow up and assistance. He has great connections and referrals to all sorts of areas for fix up and has continued to help me on this property. He didn't just make the sale and then disappear. 

I almost never write referrals, and am know to be quite demanding of what I expect in a service provider. Michael is far exceeded my high expectations and I sets a new bar on what people can expect from service.

Jess P. | AUGUST 27, 2012

Michael Riese is radically professional, strategic, and sophisticated in identifying creative options and finding optimal solutions. Michael made what could have been a chaotic, even traumatic, time for us as smooth and even an enjoyable experience. I appreciate having met and worked with Michael. He completely altered my previously not so wonderful perspective on the profession!

Tom M. | DECEMBER 18, 2012

Michael is an agent that I am proud tell you about.  Very few times you meet someone as exceptional at a craft, his being real estate, as Michael Riese. He is immaculate with his paperwork, responsive, communicative, very knowledgeable about trends in the real estate industry, and all business. At the same time, he is very approachable, friendly and genuine. We are proud to be his chosen closing team.

Carmel D. | APRIL 8, 2011

Our dream home had been found. The only catch, sell our current home first. We enlisted the help of Michael Riese, and within 5 days he had listed, toured, and sold our home in Los Gatos for above the asking price! He then helped us with the purchase of our new home. Michael consistently showed his skill and expertise in the real estate field, as well as being a great golfer and really nice guy. I would recommend Michael to anyone looking to buy or sell a home and would not hesitate to use him in any further real estate ventures.

Shelly S. | APRIL 14, 2011

Working with Michael was a great choice for my home search.  He helped with sorting through a wide range of possibilities and trade-offs, and was patient enough to listen to sometimes conflicting requirements and preferences.  I'm happy with the place I purchased, but even happier when I drive by the ones I didn't purchase.  It took some time, but the pace of the search allowed me to learn what was most important.

Even after the close, Michael has been great at periodically "checking in" and even helping to sort out some of the minor issues that invariably come up with moving to a new home and a new neighborhood.  His knowledge of the area and his ongoing advice have been really helpful.

David B. | JULY 16, 2011

Michael is an outstanding realtor and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy a house.  

I met Michael at an openhouse for one of his listings.  Although that was not the property for me, Michael's resonsiveness and attention to what I was looking in particular was led me to give him my number. 

What impresses me the most about Michael is his outstanding responsiveness.  I routinely sent him all sorts of crazy questions or requests and without fail, Michael would get back to me almost immediately.  

I ultimately purchased a very usual property with his help and it closed while I was out of town.  Michael handled everything for me, and even after the sale  has continue to be there for follow up and assistance.  He has great resources  and referals to all sorts of areas for fix up and has continued to help me on this property.  He didn't just make the sale and then disappear.  

The most responsive realtor I have ever met.

Natalie J. | AUGUST 3, 2011

You cannot afford to use any Real Estate Broker other than Michael.  Unlike many Realtors, Michael's professional background is real estate and he uses his experience in Land Development, Residential Real Estate, and Law to negotiate the best deals for his clients. Michael knows the market and inventory and excels in contract negotiation.  In addition to buying and selling properties, Michael has been a resource to clients for small land development/income properties and home remodeling.  I have and continue to refer Michael to friends and colleagues.

Jenn V. | DECEMBER 8, 2010

I recently used Mike to sell a house in San Jose.  I was incredibly pleased with his services.  He was very good about keeping me informed of any progress made on the deal and was professional throughout.  I would not hesitate to use him again or recommend him to a friend.

Christina D. | DECEMBER 8, 2010